How to Keep Your Dream Alive

How to Keep Your Dream Alive

After my book, Agapanthus Rising, was published in the United States in 2014, I learned an important lesson about keeping your dream alive. For me, that has always been to be a positive influencer on a global scale. Despite its publication in the U.S., I had doubts that anyone abroad would be interested.




As most of us are, I’m my worst critic. As I read it in hardcover, I cringed. I thought that I could have done a much better job. I wished I’d done this or that.  Perhaps I could have talked about other things, embellished or chosen a different format. You know…   How often do we second-guess ourselves or question our actions? When we do this, we split our energy and it keeps us from moving forward.  At the moment we’re inspired to do something, that’s the greatest time to act and the best time to plant a seed, as I did with the first edition of my book.


Despite my uncertainties, I contacted a foreign publicist to see if other countries would be interested in publishing it.   Some months later I received proof in the form of a box containing two-dozen copies of my book published in Polish. Subsequently, other foreign publishers have picked it up as well.




Doubts and setbacks have a way of making us loose confidence, especially when we don’t get answers quickly enough. Unexpected circumstances and turns along the way can shake belief in our-selves. When this happens, it’s important to get back up, dust our-selves off and keep going.   Answers are all around. We just have to be receptive to them and trust in a benevolent Universe.


Quantum physics tells us that we have the ability to determine the outcome of situations by what we focus on. The double slit experiment proved this theory. It says that we create our reality by what we focus on. In other words, while we may be expecting a gift in a yellow package, we may have missed the one that’s sitting right in front of us in the form of a blue one. There are countless ways in which Creation sends us answers.


When insecurity keep us from moving forward, the best thing to do, besides listening to our inner intuition, is to listen to evolutionary speakers, hang around motivational people and stay away from naysayers. I had a few skeptics at the start of writing my book. If I’d given in to them, the book would have never have been published.   Life is meant to have challenges and contrasts. How else can we grow and how else can we define what we want unless we know what we don’t want?




To achieve anything, tune out negative talk. Undesirable inner conversation deters your evolution.   The best advice comes from you, not from outsiders, dogmatic groups or religious institutions. Each of us has a guiding system within. It’s our intuition. It points us in the right direction.  It comes in the form of a gut feeling, a nudging or a calling. Often we drown out or dismiss this internal voice to more “rational” thinking or giving greater credence to someone else’s opinion. Why give your creative power over to somebody else? You are a powerful dreamer and creator.


Have you ever been told that you couldn’t do something?  What was it?  Who said it and did you go along?  Why? I was raised in a black and white society. Things were either right or wrong. I know now that there are different shades of every color and what may be right in one situation may not be in another. To be truly human requires a greater understanding which doesn’t come from conventional thinking. Higher knowledge only comes from reaching into the deep recesses of our being. Compassion, for ours-elves and for others, comes from this place.


All of us have conversations with ourselves.  What story are we telling?  It’s important to check our thoughts and dispel the ones that are not serving us right away. When we repeat a dialog long enough, eventually it becomes a belief. Like the old vinyl 33rpm records, thoughts, that are held long enough, create grooves that remain embedded in our brain. Thoughts are easy to get rid off. Beliefs are not.


Beliefs become our values. When they’re challenged, it shakes our foundations. This affront creates fear, doubt, cynicism and separation, all of which keep us from reaching greater potentials. Our inner talks should always be healthy, nurturing and growth provoking.   Personal growth requires change. We must examine the words that we use in our inner and outer dialogs. These frame the environment we create. Do they include words such as “potential, flexibility, growth, possibility, doable?” Are these part of your vocabulary?




It’s important that we envision our dreams until they become a reality. It’s why vision boards are effective. Another way is to “fake it until you make it.” Feel happy and act happy. Feel successful and act successful. Envisioning is the foundation of materialization. By the thoughts we have, we create our reality.   Don’t wait for your dreams to get here.  Be happy right now with the thought, focus and idea. Hang in there until your dream materializes.


We’re vibrational beings and this is an attraction based Universe. The frequency and energy that we put out is what we get back, so it might as well be only the best. Put out intentional thoughts.   Did you dream about being someone or doing something as a child? What was it? Have you achieved it? If not yet, plant the seed now. The Universe will take care of the rest. Until your dream is met, you will always feel there’s something missing in your life.   What are you doing to keep your dream alive? What do you have left to accomplish?  What is keeping you from a reaching your goal? How can I help you get there?