What the Happiest People Know

What the Happiest People Know

I used to wonder how those who thrive, those who live with joy, peace and harmony did it. I’ve studied great sages and master thinkers both from a scientific as well as from a spiritual perspective. I’ve delved into their behaviors, their mindset, their motivation and their evolution. In all the information I found, the most important for me is what drove them to their awakening and how they reached fulfillment.


This article is food for thought only. Its purpose is not to validate, endorse or challenge any beliefs or sources. It’s up to you to question, research and come to your own conclusions.


If you believe that our existence is non-linear and that we come back or that we live in parallel universes, did you ever question why that would be? Ever wonder why some people feel or claim to have lived other lives or why you may have a sense of familiarity with someone you just met for the first time?


My intuition tells me that, if any of these are true, we return for a chance at a “do over.” Perhaps under different circumstances we improve, expand our way of thinking, ascend to a higher dimension or take a quantum leap into evolution. We know that our Universe is expanding and if we’re part of that Universe it makes sense that we’re growing, too.


Past life regression experts, creation enthusiasts, spiritual channelers, even open-minded scientists, believe that many present-day human beings lived during some of the Golden Ages – periods of the earth’s history when the population had heightened awareness or enlightenment and that some are here today to help others ascend.


These are considered the six Golden Ages of earth:


ANGALA – the initial inhabitants of earth after the Big Bang and closest to angelic-like beings

PETRANIUM – when Africa ruled and lands were lush and verdant

MU – founded in the Pacific region and citizens vibrated at a higher frequency than today

LEMURIA – populated by beings from other universes who came to reside on earth. This may explain the countless mummified three-fingered humanoids found over the years in Peru’s Nazca caves. Lemurians respected nature. They loved plants and trees because they knew they’re alive.

ATLANTIS – the time when the Temple of Poseidon was built which housed the Great Crystal that transmitted direct Source energy. Levitation was used for many purposes including travel and building extremely large structures like the pyramids.

AQUARIUS – the age we’re just entering


There’s no doubt that visible changes are happening on planet earth today. Whether or not these are indicators that we’re entering a new Age of consciousness is yet to be determined. There seems to be little dispute today, however, that what we do on one side of the planet affects the other. We’re just now realizing that the entire globe is inter-dependent.


The belief that everything is connected to a single field of Energy is rapidly growing. We’re just now beginning to understand this field of energy. In fact, there’s a branch of neuropsychology called panpsychism, the view that all matter has some form of associated consciousness.  At the height of the Golden Age of Atlantis everyone knew this to be a fact. They also knew that in cooperation we can all achieve much higher, much better and much healthier existences.


The Temple of Poseidon was in the center of the city of Atlantis.  It housed a gigantic quartz crystal nearly the size of a skyscraper that transmitted power from the heavens, Source, God, the Matrix, whatever you call that energy that created everything. People went to the Temple to reconnect, get answers or to “recharge.” It’s what happens when we’re in deep meditation. Ever wonder why we use quartz in watches or silicon to make computer chips?  These crystal elements have the ability to retain memory and information like the alleged Great Crystal of Atlantis.


The Temple of Poseidon housed the tenets; guidelines for society to thrive. No one was forced to conform but the majority lived by these, which is why everyone was happy, healthy and prosperous.


At the height of the Golden Age, there were no shortages of resources, no competition, no wars, no dictators and no environmental problems. Everyone worked for the highest and best good of all. Currency did not exist. The economy was based on a barter system. Those (very few) who chose to live outside the city limits were always welcomed back and they were never judged.


People lived in bliss because they knew about and followed Seven Universal Laws:




The Law of One is the belief that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no disharmony, no right or wrong and that there’s only One identity. It tells us that the Universe is one living system and that everything is connected to a Source and that is Love, Light, the Infinite Creator.




Karma means action. The Law of karma is about the positive or negative consequences of our words, thoughts or deeds. Have you ever heard the saying: “what goes around, comes around?” What we think, say or do creates a corresponding energy that comes back to us in some form or another.

When we understand Karma, the only course of action is to treat others as we wish to be treated.




Ever heard “what you think about you bring about?”  The Law of Manifestation is is the idea that thoughts turn to things.  An idea, a thought or a feeling, given enough momentum and time, materializes. Thoughts, like the material world, are just energy. Whatever you focus on, you bring into your reality.


In this light, if you want to gain clarity in life, you need to connect with something greater than yourself. The best way to do this is to meditate or quiet your mind. In meditation you get glimpses of what is possible, for your fulfillment, for your mission, for being of service.


If you wonder what direction to take in life ask yourself the following. If you remain on your current trajectory, what does your life look like in 5, 10, 15, 20 years?  Next, visualize what you want it to look like and stay focused on that vision.


For me, the highest level of service that I can offer is to show up at my highest and best. While I wait for the manifestations of things that I desire, I take action, remain optimistic, have fun and spend time as I wish.




The Law of Grace encourages us to open our hearts to unconditional love by offering grace to others through mercy, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love.  No matter what others have done to us, the Law of Grace reminds us to forgive, if we want to be forgiven, understand if we want to be understood, to love if we want to be loved.




The Law of Responsibility reminds us that we are solely responsible for everything that we are and will be, for everything that we have (or don’t) and everything that we achieve. The wonderful thing about this law is that we have the power to change our present condition at any time. So, if something isn’t working out, we have the ability to make it better.


Changing our modus operandi or “reinventing ourselves” is part of that responsibility when life isn’t going our way. The important thing to remember is that contrast is the Universe’s way of telling us to go in a different direction. “When you think you’re being blocked, look again.  You’re being made. The circumstances that prevented you from moving forward are teaching you the determination to win. Remember, you’re built for every brick thrown at you and every challenge you conquered. Be patient with the process.  Strong foundations are not created by chance, they’re built when you use your experiences to shape your happiness.” – Abraham Hicks.


Not all negative things are bad. Say you’re fired. It may be time to try something completely different that may be more consistent with your desires, interests and values. If we’re to grow, we must be receptive to new ways of thinking and acting.


New paths give us the opportunity for exploration. If you want to have fun in life, expect the unexpected. Don’t worry about failing. So long as we’re “failing” forward, we’re expanding. Contrast is necessary for our evolution. How else can we know what we like if we don’t know what we don’t like? Keep trying until you find fulfillment.


The Law of Responsibility applies to how we live, how we co-exist with nature, how we treat our animals, how we look after our bodies. This includes healthy eating habits and fitness. It takes into consideration recycling resources and improving, even replacing, existing technologies with ones that are better for our environment.




The Law of Unconditional Love means to love ourselves and others without judgment, conditions or expectations. It’s the idea of accepting everyone as they are.


This is one of the hardest laws to live by, especially when someone has wronged or harmed us. Under those circumstances the best way to remain in control of our happiness is to understand that those who hurt us have, knowingly or not, cut themselves off from Source. But you don’t have to.




Have you ever said to someone have a “good day” when deep down you really didn’t mean it?  You may tell someone you love them when in your heart that’s not the case at all. The Law of Intention says that it’s not through our words that we create good or bad karma, but through the intention behind them.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. Intend for others only what you want for yourself. It’s interesting to note that science is just now catching up with what mystics have known for millenia about the Law of Intention.


It’s taken me decades to “unlearn” many beliefs that I was taught by well-intentioned individuals and institutions but I’ve always intuitively known that there must be a higher way of living.


Whether or not the Golden Ages of earth existed is not the point of this article. The intention is to get us to higher ways of thinking and better ways of living. What do the happiest people on earth know that other’s don’t? We’re the Creators of our own happiness. I think I’m on the right track. My heart beats in rhythm with the spirit of Atlantis and I’m happy.


These are sources and Master thinkers whose ideas contributed to this article.

Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash