Ever heard that thoughts turn into things or the idea that what we think about (focus on) we bring about?  This is not airy fairy thinking. In the double slit experiment, quantum physicists have proven that depending on which path an atom takes, its light can shine brighter in some spots than in others. Furthermore, they found that atoms have the ability or wisdom to decide where to land.


In an effort to understand how this test relates to our life experience, you may want to watch this short video.


Applying the experiment to our lives, consider that if we only had one slit to go through (only one way to live), we would have a predictable existence. There would be one outcome only. Thankfully that’s not the case and the Universe has given us infinite slits of opportunities or choices to create the lives we truly desire. We’re not limited. We’re not predestined. We’re not drones. We’re not cornered. We’re not controlled.  We have a mind, a brain and the power to choose an outcome of our doing.


Everything in the Universe is made of vibrational waves. In this experiment, the brightest and greatest concentration of light is found at the center. Like a rainbow, it’s made up of the full color spectrum making it a brilliant white. Humans, on the other hand, vibrate monochromatically, only one color. 


Every one of our experiences is a culmination of choices. Every decision that we make, each slit we choose to go through, each life provides us with an opportunity to finish what we’ve left undone, a lesson to get right or a new experience to grow from. Our ultimate goal seems to be synchronicity with the white light.


Imagine aligning with the Source of light on our first attempt. It would be like skipping out on the college experience just to get the diploma. How boring would that be? What would you do with the rest of eternity? Challenges and obstacles make life exciting, energetic and stimulating. We need contrast to learn and to evolve.


The detector of the atoms in the experiment represents each one of us. Like the person observing the test, we’re observers of our experience, not the experience itself. Our awareness is not tied to our physicality and our consciousness is separate from our bodies. When we part ways, our non-physical still exists.


We have the power to deliberately increase or decrease the number of times we return to the human experience. When we eventually align with the brightest light of all, we’ve reached what some call Enlightenment. We need not be frightened of transitioning. Einstein proved that energy can never be destroyed merely altered in his theory of relativity E = MC2.


The split test also shows that atoms have a built-in intelligence. Like human sperm, they contain an inner guiding system showing us the way. We, too, are part of something bigger and we carry within us a GPS system to get us back home.


We’re observers of our lives. We’re consciousness and not the experience itself. We have the power to create the kind of experience we want.


We have endless slits to choose from. Knowing what I know today, the reason I get up, dust myself off and try again is because I know there’s a brighter experience waiting. I’m using this period of human evolution to experience nature, go for walks, take in fresh air, help others, close circles I’ve left opened, be there for my loved ones and create a bright life experience.


Perhaps the hippies got it right when they concluded that vibrations and resonance are behind human consciousness.  Hey, they’re not the only ones looking for rainbows. I’m in the queu.