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Hemp, CBD Oil & Marijuana Explained

What they are and what they’re not - After spending countless hours trying to recruit potential business associates and overcoming some objections by explaining the difference and connections between hemp, CBD oil and marijuana, I realized that the general public is,...

What is CBD and CTFO?

This post was written by Kevin Laird and shared by Michael Swilling What is CBD? Cannabidiol (CBD) is an organic, non-psychoactive therapeutic chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that belongs to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. Unlike the...

Succeed in the gig Economy

The gig economy refers to primarily short term or freelance work. If you’re a gigger, you’re self employed, an independent contractor not on salary. defines the gig economy as “a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations...

Succeed on Your Own Terms

Have you ever said or heard someone else say: “When this happens, I’ll be happy” I’ll take my dream vacation” I’ll go back to school” I’ll spend more time at home” I’ll loose weight” I’ll buy my dream house” I’ll give up smoking” I’ll quit” I’ll stop drinking” Do you...

Taking Assessment of This Year

I flow against the tide frequently. I’m not a contrarian. I attribute my inquisitiveness the result of my upbringing.  I was raised in Peru at a time when children were to be seen and never heard. Questioning adults, whether at home or school, was unspeakable and...


I envision a world of self-realized masters, creators and evolutionary thinkers where service, value and integrity is at the forefront of everything they do.


My mission is to inspire, influence and provide empowering life-changing skills that will reawaken the desire to live with passion, peace and a higher purpose.




The state of being whole and undivided from my values, in all areas of my life, is my greatest asset. Someone once told me that I raise the bar too high. My question is, should I lower my standards to please others?



From childhood I’ve known that my purpose has been to serve others. Not to say that my needs don’t count. Quite the opposite. When I place the needs of others ahead of my own, I create who I become.



As a young adult, seeing a homeless person in New York city and daring to hand him a sandwich opened up my heart to a lifelong desire for humanitarian work.

Get In Touch!


Get In Touch!



Whether providing service to real estate clients, helping people create fulfilling lifestyles through Laptop Freedom Experts or sharing insights to living life to the fullest through my book, Agapanthus Rising, my goal is to raise the vibration of the planet one person at a time.

Imagine living an anxious, overworked, tired and unfulfilled existence.  The consequences of not dealing with your fears, shortcomings and lack of direction is that you wake up one day to realize you’ve turned into an angry, bitter, abusive, finger pointing individual.  I say this from personal experience. The good news is that it’s never too late for you to have the kind of life you dream of.  My greatest hope is that I can help you find your way.

Through my businesses I have helped countless people find solutions to their problems and lead better lives.

I’m the founder of Laptop Freedom Experts, an educational and transformational digital consultancy. Comprised of purposeful, globe-trotting digital experts and affiliate marketers, its mission is to be an innovative and trustworthy global educator providing valuable solutions for entrepreneurs seeking lifestyle businesses . Its vision is to wake people up to the limitless possibilities that exist with e-commerce and to change lives globally.

Laptop Freedom Experts


Owner of Laptop Freedom Experts. Our passion is to wake people up to the possibilities that exist with e-commerce, provide online training and prepare you to succeed in the new digital economy.

“Our mission is to help expansion-minded entrepreneurs create and build dream lifestyles with an online business.”



Practicing real estate in Greenwich, Connecticut since 1997.

Recognized as a leader and top producer in the industry.

“Making Your Dreams Come True”



A book on evolution and self-development that explores the meaning and purpose of life.

A ground-breaking work of cross-over genres in personal development, memoir and the metaphysical based on adventurous, soul-wrenching, sometimes dangerous, vignettes from the author’s life. Each chapter ends with existential questions that puts the reader on a path to self-discovery.

“Empowering Self-Discovery to Live With Passion, Peace and Purpose.”



The mission of Volunteers on Call, Inc. is to raise public awareness about the value of volunteerism and to provide domestic and international service opportunities to poor and homeless populations.

VOC’s vision is to mobilize the local community in the common goal of service. It seeks to immerse volunteers in a fulfilling experience while bringing hope, enhancing the quality of life of both the giver and the recipient, establishing long-term beneficial relationships and exchanging skills that last a lifetime.